Letter to GreenPeace

GreenPeace has called for violence: http://weblog.greenpeace.org/climate/2010/04/will_the_real_climategate_plea_1.html

Dear GreenPeace,

The true sign of a failed belief system is when its adherents, having failed to persuade the populace by reasoned debate, resort instead to violence. It matters not if we are speaking of the millions who died under Communism’s jackboot while their economy disintegrated, or of those murdered by Fascists determined to establish order through racial superiority, or of the brutal repression of the Dark Ages or of Islamic extremists raising their children to become suicide bombers.

What matters is that we understand that these belief systems failed because they were founded upon a false premise. They failed because force of arms and the death of millions can obligate the populace to conform to the belief system, but no amount of brutality and extermination will make the falsehoods into something they are not. The facts will endure no matter how many people are tortured into false confessions, or how many are executed to silence those who would speak the truth. Burning books does not erase the facts within them, only the record of them.

No one let’s go of a long held belief system easily. But those who firmly believe in themselves and their facts will redouble their efforts to convince others by means of persuasion. Those who instead resort to violence to impose their beliefs on others are, by doing so, admitting that they have no other means by which to persuade. Their arguments and evidence having failed, they turn instead to coercion.

GreenPeace would do well to expunge from their midst those who imply that violence may be justified to win the global warming debate. If the facts and evidence are indeed with you, then redouble your efforts to research, document and persuade. But if you allow to exist amongst you those who would choose a path of violence, then you have abandoned reason and fact. You may wrap yourself in a cloak of morality, but the blood stains upon your hands will still be yours. Perhaps instead you should pause and ask why it is that you have set one toe on the same path followed before you by those who had naught but violence to suppress the falsity of their beliefs, and that this perhaps has more to do with your failure than you had supposed.

Putting a gun to my head is not an argument. It is a descent into madness. It is an attempt to repeat history, the lessons of which you clearly have not learned

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