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CO2 is Logarithmic Explained

I keep on saying that the “forcing” effects of CO2 are logarithmic while the cooling response of the planet rises exponentially.  I’m not the only one saying this, serious heavy weight skeptics like Lindzen are saying the same thing.  So … Continue reading

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Variability is….what? WHERE?

I’m gobsmacked by excerpts from a paper currently featured on Watts Up With That on climate models mishandling how warming temperatures will (or will not) result in carbon currently sequestered in soil being released.  That the models don’t handle it … Continue reading

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Why the CO2 Greenhouse Gas Debate Doesn’t Matter

While the debate rages over at WUWT about how the laws of physics work, with well known skeptics explaining patiently that CO2 really does warm the earth’s surface to legions of skeptics determined to show that the laws of physics are … Continue reading

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CO2; Exactly HOW does it warm the planet?

When people with some science background first read the explanations of CO2 warming the earth due to its “greenhouse” properties, they usually start objecting on various grounds.  Actual greenhouses do something entirely different, or that breaks the laws of thermodynamics, … Continue reading

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The Researcher and the Dipstick

A new paper released recently on climate was based on a computerized climate model with the world’s oceans removed.  They then drew conclusions about how some parts of the climate drive others based on the remaining data.  Anthony Watts has … Continue reading

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Catastrophic Global Warming Refuted. Data Source; IPCC AR4

A couple of posts ago I went into considerable detail on what CO2 being “logarithmic” means and how, combined with the exponential increase in radiance from the earth warming up, we arrive at very little additional warming  even if we increase … Continue reading

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Ozone; The hole that always was

I’ve explained the Ozone layer so many times on other people’s blogs that I finally decided to write it up on my own blog so I could just point at it.  There’s an assumption that people make that the famous … Continue reading

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