CO2 Science

The physics behind CO2 as a greenhouse gas can be found at hundreds of sites, there’s no need for one more.  But CO2 doesn’t exist in isolation in the atmosphere.  What happens in theory is one thing, what happens in practice when CO2 of a few hundred parts per million is mixed with hundreds of thousands of Oxygen, Nitrogen, water vapour and other molecules all in motion due to convection, wind, and other forces is another thing.  CO2 Science is more about real world studies than about theory.  Of particular interest to some will be the massive database they are assembling showing what the growth rates of various species of plants are at different CO2 concentrations.  Almost all of the studies so far show that the plants studied thrive in much higher CO2 concentrations than we now have.  One can only wonder why evolution would have lead to this if the plants didn’t evolve in a high CO2 environment in the first place, and our current low CO2 environment is therefore the unnatural one


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