DMI Arctic Daily Temperatures

DMI keeps track of temperatures in the forth north at 80N, the coldest part of the planet.  We’ve heard all about Polar Amplification and how the warming is going to be much more pronounced in the polar regions.  This is in fact true.  The temperature record shows that the Arctic has warmed 2.5 degrees since 1880, but the global temperatures less than one degree.  The implied danges is that this will result in major melting of the polar ice caps and result in a rise in sea levels.  DMI has the temperatures at 80 degrees north latitude daily since 1958 on line.  Zip through the years and you will find the same thing over and over again.  The warmest years had summers almost exactly the same as the coldest years.  All the warming is confined to the depths of winter.  Snow and ice don’t melt at -40C and they don’t melt at -37.5 either.  The graph is in degrees K.  To convert to degrees C just add 273 (which is the freezing point of water).


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  1. Clare Hansome says:

    Bravo, the ideal answer.

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