Ocean Heat Content


Ocean Heat Content is another controversial topic, but an important one to understand.  Sunlight penetrates as much as 300 meters of ocean, which covers 2/3 or more of the earth’s surface.  The mass of the ocean is 1400 times that of the atmosphere, so where the ocean temperatures go, the atmosphere must follow in some fashion.  The data presented comes from many different sources over the years, the trend line is suspect.  The last 4 years however are from the Argo buoys, hundreds of buoys that are scattered all over the oceans.  They rise and fall taking measurements at various depths.  When the first measurements appeared and showed that the oceans were cooling off instead of warming up, scientists were so certain of their global warming theories that some of the concluded that there must be something wrong with the buoys.  While the buoys don’t plumb the very deepest depths of the oceans and have other challenges as well, the fact remains that they have shown cooling in the oceans since they started measuring OHC


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