Wood for Trees


Wood for Trees maintains copies of all the major climate data from satellite systems and surface records.  NASA, Hadcrut, UHI, they are all there.  It takes a bit of tinkering to figure out how to use the interface but once you do, you can graph and compare the data any way you like.  If you want to compare January temperature trends in the northern hemisphere as recorded by NASA to July temperatures as recorded by Hadcrut (no idea why you would do that, its just an example) for the last 100 years, you can


3 Responses to Wood for Trees

  1. Werner Brozek says:


    There seems to be an error with the GISS reading since it shows a low October reading even though October is not over yet. As well, the new UAH is not up yet with its revisions. See:

    Thank you!

    • davidmhoffer says:

      Hi Werner. You must be awfully bored if you’ve taken to commenting on my blog! 😉

      Followed your link and noticed that is has the trends for the various zones down at the bottom (though it doesn’t say per decade or per century so not sure?) What caught my eye is that south polar is showing a negative trend. AR4 WG1 projects a warming trend for south polar about double that of temperate and tropics!

  2. davidmhoffer says:

    Belay my last comment. Just went to the report and double checked, my recollection was faulty. South Polar is slightly less than tropics and temperates:


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